MRL Peek: Favorite Kristen Stewart Interview

I've actually never seen Kristen Stewart in Twilight nor have read the books but I've always been fascinated with her as a person.  The two films I have watched of her's were The Runaways and also her first film, Panic Room.

I never like to watch Kristen Stewart in an aired interview, she never really comes off as herself in those interviews which definitely heightens the mystery but at the same time forms a barrier, instead we see a shy, embarrassed and awkward Kristen when what we really want to hear and see is her. 

Quite by accident I found an awesome short screen test interview of Kristen Stewart conducted by W Magazine,  the first interview I've ever seen of Kristen Stewart where she seems comfortable and like herself... hence... she really does open up and for a few minutes you can see what Kristen Stewart is about.

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