GENRE:  Documentary
MADE:  2006
CAST:  David Attenborough, Sigourney Weaver
WRITER:  n/a

PLOT:  A popular BBC Television documentary series traveling around the world filming nature, from the skies, caves, deserts, waters and much more with narration by David Attenborough and Sigourney Weaver, filled with interesting information about the world around us and beautiful scenes.

PARALLEL UNIVERSE:  Animals Are Beautiful People, Winged Migration, March Of The Penguins


NOTE:  This is truly an awesome dvd series to have.  I bought the whole set first on dvd and then again when it came out on bluray.  The set comes with 5 discs, each series is ended by a 30-minute documentary on the filming and making of the subject, whether it be caves, seas, air, desert etc.  The narration was perfect, not at all annoying how some other narrations can be.  Truly a series every home should have.

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