GENRE:  Martial arts/Comedy
MADE:  2004
CAST:  Stephen Chow, Wah, Yuen, Qui Yuen
DIRECTOR:  Stephen Chow
WRITER:  Stephen Chow, Xin Huo, Chan Man Keung, Kan-Cheung Tsang

PLOT:  Set in 1940s Shanghai, a down and out young man along with his side-kick try to join the "Axe" gang resulting in the great super-powered martial artists to emerge from a low-income housing complex to defend themselves.

PARALLEL UNIVERSE:  Iron Monkey, The Legend Of Drunken Master, The Forbidden Kingdom, Drunken Master


NOTE:  I have a love for martial arts film and will watch most martial arts films without discrimination, I've seen many bad ones and many good ones, but Kung Fu Hustle definitely stands alone in a different kind of greatness.  The martial arts moves and choreography is good and the story is great.  A martial arts film that isn't Hollywood (which is good in my book) coupled with super-powers, comedy and random sing & dance, it's definitely a film you should watch if you're a martial arts fan- there's no other martial arts film quite like it.

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